Technicis, Manufacturer of Air Filters and Specialist of Filtration of Overspray in Spray painting booths and Dust collectors.


le 12/5/23


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Technicis is manufacturer of air filters and specialist of overspray filtration in spray painting booths and industrial ventilations. Our purpose is to help you to reduce your operating costs while better protecting environment according to ISO 14000.

Filtration is in the heart of all industrial processes in every sector: woodworking, metalworking, plastic/composites, car/aircraft industry, glass, leather, and finishing in general.

The 4 commitments of our technical staff are to :
- reduce your operating costs
- participate to protection of environment (according to ISO 14000 and European standards)
improve finishing of your products
- guaranty a safe environment fo

Since 1992, Technicis works all over the world through its distribution network in more than 60 countries. Contact our technical staff for more information !